This page is in tribute to our dear friend Ellie, whom we lost several years ago. 

Ellie was one of the most dedicated, giving animal lovers that I’ve ever known. 

I find comfort in knowing she’s on the other side of the rainbow bridge caring for all the others we’ve lost.  These photos help us treasure the memories we have of their time with us. 

Millie was Rick’s first dog and our first foster dog as volunteers for Stray Rescue of St. Louis.  She helped over 30 other foster dogs and cats feel safe and learn how to trust people.  She was the first canine sister to Kaa, Lou & Ikki and she was big sister to Regal, Schaeffer & Hank.  Her greatest joys were playing in the snow (thank goodness a move to snowy Minnesota made that a more frequent event!), going for walks, rough-housing with her best pal and sleeping.  A rough start in life provided her many challenges to overcome and she faced them all with bravery and a sense of humor.  She will be missed!

Hermes was a client of Any Beast Pet Sitting for a very short time.  It didn’t take long for us to realize, though, that he was a very funny rabbit.  His “mom,” Tweek & Daphne loved him very much.

Fresno suffered much in her short life.  However, she was lucky enough to have been loved by many people and spent her final days living out a dog’s dream!

Ernie lived a long & happy life with his family.  His mom, dad & “brother,” Pablo, miss him very much!

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Malcolm was the oldest friend Any Beast Pet Sitting has known.  Despite his advanced age, he always shared his fun-loving spirit with us while in our care.  As his “dad” said, “You never exactly knew him when he was a young dog, but he was a good pet. Never mean, always sweet- never smart, but always loving. He will be missed.”  Indeed he will be!

Regal (a.k.a. Regal the Beagle, Beegs & Mommy’s Perfect Angel) came into our family in a way that seemed straight out of a Hollywood movie.  She was our 2nd foster dog as volunteers for Stray Rescue of St. Louis but it became very clear, very quickly that she was destined to be Cherie’s very dear & beloved companion.  She had an understated grace (hence the name) & love for life that resonated from her like light.  Although I am sure Ellie is happy to be caring for her again, her “Mommy” misses her like mad!

This beauty, Lucy, was a very lucky girl.  She was much beloved by her family & very well taken care of while she was still with us.  I know her family will never forgot her.

Daisy left her family very unexpectedly.  Her passing caused much sadness, which is a true mark of how much she was loved.

Peanut crossed over the rainbow bridge too young & very unexpectedly.  He left his “Mom,” “Dad,” & feline brother very lonely & sad but appreciative of the time they shared with such a happy, playful & gentle soul.

Ruby’s life was the epitome of Zen.  She was faced with many physical ailments & an unfortunate start in life.  Contrasting those difficulties was a joyful personality & a devoted, loving “Mommy.”  Any Beast Pet Sitting was lucky enough to spend a lot of quality time with this wonderful little girl & will miss her!  She leaves behind a canine sister & human mom who miss her company.

Carmine was a very special cat with an old soul.  He taught his feline sister how to be more brave and all the humans who met him how to smile.  His time with us was far too short.

Boo was a sensitive soul with a wonderful sense of humor.  He was not with us very long but touched us all with his silly games & sweet voice.  He will be missed very much!

Despite Angel’s many health problems she was a sweet cat with a wonderful disposition.  She never let her illness get in the way of a enjoying life.  She left behind 2 feline siblings & her human mom & dad.  They all miss her terribly.

Ikki was the last of our Jungle Book crew (one of Cherie’s all time favorite stories.)  She was a gorgeous cat but more importantly she was sweet and sensitive soul who is missed every day.